Three acts and three very different styles of music to suit all tastes in the great line up.

Jack Arthurs returns to Darlington with his brand of singer song writing. His last album Treasure House was well received across the media. His music reflects his experiences of the north east and it’s amazing countryside. He follows in the fine tradition of folk rock and has been compared with Alan Hull of Lindisfarne’s solo material.

Steampunk troubadour Tom Slatter has just released his fifth album “Happy People” to great acclaim. Like Jack he is on Bad Elephant Music and he is a regular on the Steampunk scene and has to be seen to be believed.

‘Tom Slatter is a quintessentially British eccentric with a quirky imagination who has produced some of the most innovative progressive music in recent years.’
Prog Magazine

Andy Tillison the keyboard player and main man with The Tangent as well as projects like Po90 and Diskdrive have placed him as a stalwart of the centre modern progressive rock music. Never one to be pigeonholed his projects contain Jazz, Classical, Electronica and funk to name a few.

This is a rare opportunity to see him perform a solo set in as acoustic a way as any keyboard player can be said to be acoustic. He is about to embark on a European tour with The Tangent and Karmakanic in August to promote “The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery” which will be released in July 2017.

Tickets are available here.

This evening is a going to be entertaining and interesting to say the least.
Tom Slatter

Andy Tillison
Snow Goose

Andante For Dorothy


The Tangent, the progressive rock group led by Andy Tillison, have announced the release of the first new music since 2015. Their new ninth studio album ‘The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery’ is set for release on 21st July 2017. The line-up for this album once again features Tillison on keyboards, vocals (and for the first time on a Tangent record – drums), Jonas Reingold on bass, Luke Machin on guitars and vocals, and Theo Travis on sax and flutes plus new member Marie-Eve de Gaultier on keys and vocals. There are also guest appearances from author/playwright and Chumbawamba founder Boff Whalley on vocals, and upcoming DJ/producer Matt Farrow.

Band leader Andy Tillison had this to say: “Roger Waters did prove the ability of Progressive Music to act as a vehicle to communicate ideas about the current world scene. In both Pink Floyd’s “The Final Cut” and his “Amused To Death” albums, Waters set a challenge to others in the genre. A challenge which has not been frequently accepted.”

The album sees The Tangent in political commentary mode once again – this time often focussing on the horrendous plight of refugees from war torn parts of the world – and the way in which they are treated by the West, and in particular by the tabloid press. The album laments the new trend in building walls and defending borders across the world yet takes time to look at the breakup of friendships and other more personal issues – along with a song about the fate of wildlife in the modern consumer world.

And it’s a Progressive Rock Record. Full of intricacies, long developed pieces, challenging arrangements and virtuoso playing from all members. New sounds and styles (the band have brought a DJ on board for some sections) – new voices and techniques (first female vocals in The Tangent since the “Not As Good As The Book” album 10 years ago). A new producer in the form of Luke Machin whose open and deep/clear sound is a major factor of this album, a new drummer in the form of Andy Tillison who decided at long last (after drumming for 30 years) to let his own performances guide the rest of the band rather than adding another musician later. And after 13 years of asking, Jonas finally agreed to play some double bass in a song where Luke also plays some Scat guitar and Andy does a full on drum solo.

“The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery” also features stellar artwork from Marvel / DC Comics artist Mark Buckingham. The sleeve of the album is totally based on the music it contains and was especially created for this project.

The album will be available on limited digipak CD, gatefold 2LP + CD, and digital download, and you can find the full track-listing below:

  • Two Rope Swings
  • Doctor Livingstone (I Presume)
  • Slow Rust
  • The Sad Story of Lead and Astatine
  • A Few Steps Down the Wrong Road
  • Basildonxit

The band will head out on tour in support of the new record, once again joining forces with Sweden’s Karmakanic to present albums by both bands. The full list of dates is as follows:

  • Aug 26th 2017 – Bierkeller, Reichenbach, DE
  • Sept 1st 2017 – 2 days of Prog +1 Festival, Veruno, Italy
  • Sept 9th 2017 – The Boerderij, Zoetermeer
  • Oct 8th 2017 – SUMMERS END Festival, Chepstow, UK
  • Oct 21st 2017 – Progtoberfest, Chicago, USA
  • Oct 22nd 2017 – Shank Hall, Milwaukee WI, USA
  • Oct 24th 2017 – Token Lounge, Westland MI, USA
  • Oct 26th 2017 – Roxy & Dukes, Dunellen NJ, USA
  • Oct 27th 2017 – The Regent Theatre, Arlington MA, USA

Look out for more information in the coming weeks!
The Tangent online:


Visit the new Insideout Shop:

Our very own Andrew Wild has a new book about to be released!

Pink Floyd – Song By Song is an in-depth analysis of evrything Pink Floyd ever released and is a fascinating read.

Pink Floyd: Song by Song takes a fresh look at the music that led to Pink Floyd becoming the third best-selling band of all time. From Arnold Layne to Louder Than Words , Pink Floyd wrote about anger, isolation, regret, dismay and fear. These themes, not always obvious starting points in popular music, were married to a rare dynamism in rock music. Pink Floyd s most successful period critically and musically eight albums from 1970 to 1983 combine the pithy lyrics of Roger Waters, the soulful voice and breath-taking guitar solos of David Gilmour and, until 1979, the jazz influenced piano and keyboard abilities of the late Richard Wright. These three together wrote the band s best work, usually in combinations of twos and threes, but also individually. When working together as equals, the three principals of Pink Floyd were significantly more than the sum of their individual strengths.

You can order the book from Amazon and many good book sellers!

This news story was originally published here:

Bent knee, who hail from Boston, Massachusetts, have signed to Inside Out Music for their fourth album, Land Animal. The band was formed in 2009 as a democratic collective, with the aim of pushing boundaries, releasing their self-titled debut in 2011, followed by Shiny Eyed Babies in 2014 and last year’s excellent Say So, one of my favourite albums of 2016.

For those who do not know this band they are difficult to categorise, not that it serves any real purpose to do so. There are many influences here but the listener would have difficulty saying they “sound like” whoever, the reason is that they have created a unique and innovative sound of their own. The band themselves put it like this on their Facebook page: “Bent Knee is unlike any band you’ve ever heard. Its borderless sound combines myriad influences from across the rock, pop, minimalist, and avant-garde spectrums, into a seamless, thrilling whole”. Well they got that right, as that is probably the best description you could have for what they do.

[embedded content]

Their sound is built around the amazing soaring vocals of Courtney Swain, whose voice is soulful yet powerful, emotive and engaging, effortlessly able to convey the feel of the song. But this is not a one woman show, the contributions from each band member as important as the next in conveying their vision. The music is filled with addictive hooks, melodies coupled with odd twists and turns in carefully constructed songs. It can be an unsettling listen at times with its odd rhythms, challenging your preconceptions of what music should be, but is this not how music should be? It is for me. This is not background music, it demands your attention, needing repeated plays for the full experience to be realised. Invest a little time and you get to really understand what this band do.

The album opener Terror Bird eases you in with its pounding beat accompanying Courtney’s astonishing vocal performance as the track builds and develops with some sweeping highs and lows before exploding towards the end. For me, Holy Ghost demonstrates really well what this band can achieve; a sparse picked violin opens the song before being joined by the other instruments, each contribution of equal importance with Courtney’s vocals as the centre point again, bass and drums accompanying the insistent guitar lines from Ben Levin. There are some great vocal harmonies here which counterpoint Courtney’s voice very well, the song coming to a big finish, leaving you wanting more. This album has themes based on societal and technological divides, about the struggles of modern life, with subject matter including global warming and family strife, to name but two.

Insides In is an interesting song, with a gentler start which provides an almost lounge jazz feel that draws you in, but this feeling of comfort soon changes in the final third of the song. Here the focus changes and it starts to become a little unsettling with the drums becoming more forceful and Courtney’s vocals more insistent, soaring towards the finish. There is a lot of variety; the title track gives us a song full of cinematic scope, despite its sometimes stuttering rhythms. Belly Side Up features wonderful backing vocals and Ben’s precise guitar playing, in a beautifully presented song.

[embedded content]

The album closes with Boxes, exploring the facts of our own mortality, and that we should make better use of the time we have; with its pounding bass and minimal drum opening, as things progress the rest of the band join in an almost sad but at the same time beautiful song. The ending plays itself out almost like a heartbeat which comes to a sudden stop.

As noted, devoting time to this album reaps rewards. Having said that, my better half, who usually runs from the room when I play most of the music I enjoy, said that she liked this and asked who it was; “What do you like about it?”, I asked. “Well it is pleasantly unpredictable, and you know me, I usually have an immediate connection to any music I like.”

This is a great follow up to Say So that continues to improve with every play. It is a creative, inventive, unpredictable and at times challenging piece of work. I do recommend that you invest a bit of time through repeated plays, don’t just cast it aside as you will be missing out on what this great band have to offer. An album that will definitely be in my top ten of the year, it is available as a Limited Editon CD Digipak and 180g Vinyl Edition, as well as the standard CD and digital download.

[You can hear Land Animal in its entirety HERE.]

01. Terror Bird (4:09)
02. Hole (3:22)
03. Holy Ghost (5:33)
04. Insides In (6:29)
05. These Hands (5:37)
06. Land Animal (5:14)
07. Time Deer (4:20)
08. Belly Side Up (4:15)
09. The Well (5:31)
10. Boxes (5:44)

Total Time – 50:14

Chris Baum – Violin, Vocals
Jessica Kion – Bass, Vocals
Ben Levin – Guitar, Vocals
Courtney Swain – Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth – Drums
Vince Welch – Sound Design, Production

Record Label: Inside Out Music
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Date of Release: 23rd June 2017

Bent Knee – Website | Facebook | Bandcamp


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THE HAUNTED Reveal Details for "Strength In Numbers"; "Brute Force" Video Released

Swedish Thrash Metallers The Haunted are geared up to kick off the promotional campaign for their upcoming, 9th studio album effort entitled Strength In Numbers. Recorded at Parlour Studios in the UK with producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, The Exploited), the album will be released worldwide via Century Media Records on August 25th, 2017 and it’s time to reveal the first details about the release…

The album’s first single for the merciless and in-your-face track “Brute Force” out now, so check it out in a video produced by Oscar Dziedziela / OD Visual below.

Or stream “Brute Force” via Spotify here.

The Haunted checked in to comment on the track as follows: “We’re very excited to finally be able to air our first single from the new album ‘Strength In Numbers‘ and let it set the tone for the brutality of the album. ‘Brute Force’ is one of those songs written in the early stage of making the album and shows our hunger to make new music, uncompromising, unforgiving and just to the point.

The artwork for Strength In Numbers was once again created by The Haunted’s longtime designer Andreas Pettersson and the album’s tracklisting reads as follows:

THE HAUNTED – Strength In Numbers:

1. Fill The Darkness With Black
2. Brute Force
3. Spark
4. Preachers Of Death
5. Strength In Numbers
6. Tighten The Noose
7. This Is The End
8. The Fall
9. Means To An End
10. Monuments

The album’s limited edition Mediabook CD version will additionally include the bonus tracks: “Illusions” and “Sinister,” expanded layouts as well as 3 stickers. Strength In Numbers will also be available on 180gr. vinyl in various editions: Black LP (Unlimited), Silver LP (200x copies / Sweden) and Clear LP (300x Copies / USA).

And last but not least, a strictly limited Deluxe LP package will be available from CM Distro / CM Webshop in Europe. This very special edition is limited to 500x copies on transparent red coloured vinyl and comes with a printed guitar tablature book, a poster, a set of 3 guitar-picks and the entire album on CD as bonus. Grab it before it’s too late!

Pre-order the album in its various physical formats from CM Distro here.

Or digitally here.

A video teaser from the album’s recording sessions can be seen below.

A list of the upcoming live dates announced so far for The Haunted in support of Strength In Numbers can be found here:

THE HAUNTED – Live 2017:

31.08.2017 Oslo (Norway) – Blå
01.09.2017 Stavanger (Norway) – Folken
02.09.2017 Bergen (Norway) – Hulen
08.09.2017 Örebro (Sweden) – Frimis Salonger + Witchery
09.09.2017 Linköping (Sweden) – Backstage + Witchery
15.09.2017 Borlänge (Sweden) – Liljan
16.09.2017 Sundsvall (Sweden) – Club Destroyer
21.09.2017 Göteborg (Sweden) – Pustervik + Witchery
22.09.2017 Stockholm (Sweden) – Debaser Strand + Witchery
23.09.2017 Malmö (Sweden) – KB + Witchery
29.09.2017 Hultsfred (Sweden) – Mörkaste Småland Festival
30.09.2017 Eskilstuna (Sweden) – Loket
07.10.2017 Hoogeveen (The Netherlands) – Graveland Fest

The Haunted’s latest album Exit Wounds (2015) was highly praised as a return to form and managed to enter international sales charts upon release as follows: Germany # 64, Finland # 15, Switzerland # 100, Sweden # 32, USA # 151 Top Current Albums, USA # 5 Heatseekers.

THE HAUNTED line-up:

Marco Aro – vocals
Jensen – guitars
Ola Englund – guitars
Jonas Björler – bass
Adrian Erlandsson – drums

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

The Haunted - Strength in Numbers

This news story was originally published here:

In 2016, Pendragon marked the 20th anniversary of their most successful albums – and one of their most loved – The Masquerade Overture, with a tour, recently releasing the Masquerade 20 live DVD, filmed in Katowice in Poland before an enthusiastic crowd. It’s a fine way to document the excellent live show of this experienced rock band in full flow.

The first half of the show is a performance of The Masquerade Overture album in its entirety, and one can understand why the album appeals to so many as it’s chock full of great tunes like Paintbox, Guardian of My Soul and Masters of Illusion. These Prog classics are all played with fine musicianship from a skilled band, and stellar guitar work throughout by Nick Barrett.

Pendragon choose to more or less play the album straight as originally recorded. Not only does this allow them to showcase some of their strongest songs, but also to air less well known songs which have probably only rarely been played live, if at all, such as the multi-faceted tragedy of The Shadow and the folk-tinged The Pursuit of Excellence.

The production values on this release are excellent, particularly the sound which is crisp and clear, really giving a feeling of the live sound in the arena (not something which can be said for all live DVDs!) Barrett’s incisive guitar sounds cut a very clear and sparkling path across the speakers throughout the concert. The camera work achieves that balance of giving the viewers a close up perspective on the band at times, but without feeling claustrophobic. There are plenty of wider stage shots so that one has a sense of what the crowd were witnessing, with the added privilege of seeing close up Clive Nolan’s fluid keyboard work, most notably on Paintbox, or Barrett’s outstanding fretwork. The DVD extras are limited to an unremarkable but amusing video of the song Bardo, apparently filmed when Barrett was on holiday. There is also a short interview with drummer Jan-Vincent Velazco and, mainly, bassist Peter Gee, who reveals some interesting insights into the history of the band, which will not be shared in this review – no plot spoilers here!

Pendragon also play some more obscure tracks associated with The Masquerade Overture in King of the Castle and Schizo, originally only released on a limited edition CD bonus disc. These are interesting excursions into the lesser known recesses of Pendragon. Christina Booth of Magenta with Verity Smith on backing vocals come to the fore in great fashion on the largely acoustic King of the Castle with some beautiful and dramatic vocalisations, singing as instruments themselves.

Nick Barrett is the centre of attention for the great majority of the show, with most eyes on his incredible guitar work, but he is also on good form vocally, particularly on the heroic sounding Masters of Illusion. What is also notable is that this is a band which is clearly enjoying themselves with Barrett literally bouncing along with Paintbox, bantering with Clive Nolan and having fun with Peter Gee – his two longest serving bandmates in Pendragon. Barrett is a man of few words between songs (thankfully when it comes to his attempts at some Polish!) but when he does speak with the audience he does so with warmth and sincerity.

[embedded content]

The second half of the show is an altogether different affair after the pomp of The Masquerade Overture as Pendragon play some more recent songs, including their most recent studio album Men Who Climb Mountain, a much more reflective and personal album for Barrett. Beautiful Soul comes across very powerfully and Faces of Light positively radiates, both songs enhanced greatly in a live setting. Nostradamus is a real highlight of the show, bouncing along joyfully with a chorus the whole crowd can join – short, sweet and glorious. In contrast the much lengthier and more sombre Explorers of the Infinite does rather deflate the atmosphere, even if this tribute to ‘those that really push boundaries’ and its litany of explorers is a noble aspiration. Barrett continues his more personal perspective with a strong song dedicated to his father, Come Home Jack. This is also one of the few songs to have added special visual elements with the words ‘Anomaly’, ‘Exorior’ and ‘Memorium’ superimposed across the screen in an interesting effect. Earlier in the show childhood images are similarly projected over As Good as Gold, but such touches are rare and restrained – the real focus is on the band and their performance.

This Green and Pleasant Land is an impressive tour de force highlight of the show with Barrett relating to the experiences of his older relatives in war time, and his sometimes scathing views on modern society. His guitar work is grungier and more akin to U2 than more mainstream progressive rock licks. New drummer Velazco is particularly impressive, and Clive Nolan plays his revolving keyboards in spectacular style at this epic’s conclusion. Bassist Peter Gee is rather an unsung hero as he lays down a very solid bass whilst also switching to acoustic guitar and even a little on keyboards throughout the show. A scintillating Indigo from arguably one of their best albums, Pure (which seemed to mark rather a rebirth of the band in a more modern progressive a few years ago rather than a more traditional ‘Prog’ style), wraps up the show in stark contrast to the more majestic The Masquerade Overture. This contrast shows the two faces of Pendragon – the earlier band with deep roots in ‘Prog’, owing great debts to Pink Floyd, Camel and Genesis; and the much later incarnation which modernised itself and added a more angular, sharper edge with a more personalised lyrical angle.

Fans of different eras will prefer different manifestations, but what ALL Pendragon fans will agree upon is that the undoubted highlight of this whole live DVD, and an abiding personal memory having seen them at HRH Prog earlier this year, is the absolutely blinding guitar solo Barrett plays on Breaking the Spell. This fluent, soaring solo which Barrett takes ever more stratospherically just when you think it’s coming to an end was utterly spell binding to see live and is simply stunning on this DVD – alone worth the price of Masquerade 20 – I almost got off my sofa and applauded all over again just watching it on my TV – it’s that good!

Filmed in Katowice, Poland, May 18th 2016

01. The Masquerade Overture
02. As Good as Gold
03. Paintbox
04. The Pursuit of Excellence
05. Guardian of my Soul
06. The Shadow
07. Masters of Illusion
08. King of the Castle
09. Schizo
10. Beautiful Soul
11. Faces of Light
12. Nostradamus
13. Explorers of the Infinite
14. Come Home Jack
15. This Green and Pleasant Land
16. Breaking the Spell
17. Indigo
~ Bonus Material:
Interview with Peter Gee and Jan-Vincent Velazco
In Bardo in Sri Lanka

Nick Barrett – Guitar, Vocals
Clive Nolan – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Peter Gee – Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Pedals, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Jan-Vincent Velazco – Drums
Christina Booth – Backing Vocals
Verity Smith – Backing Vocals

Record Label: Metal Mind Productions
Country of Origin: U.K.
Date of Release: 7th April 2017

Pendragon – Website | Facebook | Bandcamp


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Enigmatic art-rock band Bent Knee release their stunning new album ‘Land Animal’ worldwide today. The 10-track collection brings the listener on a journey through commentary on today’s globalized society and how people continue to evolve in a world of ever-growing complexity.

To celebrate, the band have released a live video for the single ‘Terror Bird’, and you can watch that here.

‘Land Animal’ is available as CD, LP+ CD & digital download here.

“Bent Knee deliver in a way that not many bands can.”Louder Than War

“Throwing off shackles of genre…truly the definition of experimentalism.”Consequence of Sound

“It’s very rare that an artist or band comes along that changes your perspective on music and art. Bent Knee have done just that.”Substream

Bent Knee formed in 2009 as a democratic collective determined to push the boundaries of pop and rock. Lead singer and keyboardist Courtney Swain’s soaring vocals are instantly arresting. Guitarist Ben Levin is one of the most dynamic and versatile guitarists around, shifting between the raging and raucous to the sublime and meditative. Bassist Jessica Kion and drummer Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth combine into an enthralling rhythm section that’s equal parts powerhouse and nuance. Violinist Chris Baum’s kinetic violin work provides drama, grace and intrigue. World-class producer and live sound designer Vince Welch weaves it all together with a captivating, expert touch.

The band has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Its last two albums, 2016’s Say So and 2014’s Shiny Eyed Babies, were hailed as significant art-rock achievements. The group has performed hundreds of shows across the world to date. During the fall of 2016, the band played for ecstatic audiences as an opener for the U.S. leg of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s farewell tour ahead of signing with InsideOutMusic/Sony.

“We’re very excited to be working with InsideOutMusic/Sony,” said Swain. “It’s wonderful to have our music reach a lot of new ears across the globe through them. It’s an honor to join their roster of prestigious artists and we look forward to a long relationship with the label.”

Watch the video for ‘Terror Bird’ here.
The band recently released a live clip for the track ‘Holy Ghost’ which you can see here.

“Mind boggling… the grandest and subtlest ideas are on the table”NPR

“The silo-smashing Bent Knee’s unique mix is equal parts ingenuity and deliciousness”The Wall Street Journal

“Bent Knee breaks new stylistic and temperamental ground”The Boston Globe

Bent Knee begin a headline tour in the US on the 1st June.

BENT KNEE online:
BENT KNEE on Facebook
BENT KNEE on Twitter


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Tuesday The Sky, the new Ambient Instrumental Rock project by Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos, will be releasing its debut album ‘Drift’ worldwide next week, on June 30th, 2017, via InsideOutMusic.

The album’s third single “It Comes In Waves” is being launched today with a playthrough video produced by Chris Anderson, which features performance footage by Jim Matheos (Guitars & Bass) as well as Lloyd Hanney (Drums) and Kevin Moore (Keyboards). The clip can be seen here:

The song can also be streamed via Spotify here:

The two previously released singles can still be checked out here:
“Vortex Street” promo video:
“Today The Sky” static clip:

Tuesday The Sky and “Drift” sees Matheos expanding the boundaries of his playing and sound even further than ever before. “Drift” came together in the downtime between Fates Warning finishing “Theories Of Flight” and the beginning of the touring cycle, enabling Matheos to explore a type of atmospheric and instrumental music you might not expect of him. Taking cues from artists like Brian Eno, Boards Of Canada, Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky, he explores expansive textures and ambient electronica, as well as some of the most colossal riffs he has ever produced.

“Drift” also features the talents of God Is An Astronaut’s drummer Lloyd Hanney, who provides a rhythmic backbone that is at once punchy, precise and restrained when necessary. Other guests include long-time OSI collaborator and former Dream Theater member Kevin Moore who plays keys on two songs as well as Anna-Lynne Williams (Trespassers William, Lotte Kestner), who provides ethereal vocals (of the non-verbal kind) on two other songs.

“Drift” comes with cover artwork created by Jan Tomic and will be released as special edition CD, black LP + CD & digital download. Here is the album’s track-listing:

Tuesday The Sky – “Drift”:
1. Today The Sky
2. Kite
3. Vortex Street
4. It Comes In Waves
5. Dyatlov Pass
6. Far And Away
7. Westerlies
8. Roger, Gordo
9. The Rowing Endeth
10. Drift

The album can be pre-order digitally here:
Or physically via the IOM webshop here:

Look out for “Drift” hitting stores June 30th, 2017!

Tuesday The Sky & Jim Matheos online: