THE PROGRESSIVE TRACKS SHOW #451 (“How High Do You Crank YOUR Tunes?”)

We all do it… or have done it in the past.  Say What?!!

Mike plays music best served… LOUD.  Get ready to dust off those woofers and annoy the neighbors!

NOTE:  Not responsible for hearing loss.

  • Marco Mattei – “Picture In A Frame” from Out Of Control on Third Star Records (2021)
  • Land Mammal – “Psychedelic Hand” from Slow Your Mind on Land Mammal (2021)
  • Crypt Trip  – “Heartslave” from Rootstock on Crypt Trip Records (2018)
  • Spindrift – “Red Reflection” from Songs From The Ancient Age on Little Cloud Records (2007/2019)
  • Deep Purple – “Lazy” from Machine Head on Warner Bros Records (1972)
  • Colosseum II – “Wardance” from War Dance on Beat Goes On Records (1977)
  • Trifecta – “Clean Up On Aisle Five” from Fragments on kScope (2021)
  • Colosseum II – “Intergalactic Strut” from Electric Savage on Beat Goes On Records (1977)
  • Deep Purple – “Never Before” from Machine Head on Warner Bros Records (1972)
  • Papangu – “Bacia das almas” from Holoceno on Papangu (2021)
  • Deep Purple – “Space Truckin’” from Machine Head on Warner Bros Records (1972)
  • Jomo Tuun – “Scorpion Watcher Welcomes You” from One Tuun on Jomo Tuun (2021)
  • Eat Your Own Head – “Pig (Live)” from HANK on Independent (2020)
  • Crypt Trip  – “Natural Child” from Rootstock on Crypt Trip Records (2018)
  • Plastic Woods – “The Calling” from Dragonfruit on Violence In The Veins (2021)
  • Acolyte – “Entropy” from Entropy on Blood Blast (2021)
  • Eat Your Own Head – “Denied” from HANK on Independent (2020)
  • Jomo Tuun – “Omni Potenta” from One Tuun on Jomo Tuun (2021)
  • Supermoon – “Sun Is High” from Supermoon on (2021)
  • Deep Purple – “Highway Star” from Machine Head on Warner Bros Records (1972)

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Northern Star 20th January 2022

I be Back!


Theme Pallas – Northern Star

  • Genesis – Dance on a Volcano
  • Genesis – Los endos
  • Bohemian Vendetta – Deaf Dumb & blind
  • Moon X – Pickmans Brew
  • Moon X – La Lune et son Histoire
  • Steve Anderson – Mr Mekano
  • Kate Bush – Astronomers call/hello Earth
  • Laudatum – Mirum in Mondrum
  • Davey Johnstone – All the time in the world
  • D’virgilio_morse__jennings – Everything I am
  • Alberto Rigoni – L’origin du Monde
  • Chasing the dark – The tavern
  • Vocal Loner – Eleanor Rigby
  • Napiers Bones – No return
  • Muse – Won’t Stand Down
  • Winter In Eden – Social fake
  • Kate Bush – Waking the witch/Cloudbusting
  • Nomaidic Narwhal – Arrival
  • Psilocybe Larvae – Where silence dwells
  • Kalle Wallner – Four
  • Soup – Burning bridges
  • Scarecrow – The Mushroom Wizard
  • Marillion – garden party
  • SAHB – Boston Tea party
  • Caligula’s Horse – Dragonfly


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Tales from the Tiger Moth 

Broadcast 16th January 2022

Album Round Up 

Edition 160

The Prophets Of Zarquon – The Wishing Tree (of a Red Autumn)
Nad Sylvan – The Second Coming
Downes Braide Association – King Of The Sunset
Texel – Metropolitan
GorMusik – The Wandering
Frost* – The Boy Who Stood Still
Lifesigns – Shoreline
Steve Hackett – Fox’s Tango
West Side Story Soundtrack – Something’s coming
The Monkees – Listen To The Band
Big Big Train – Endnotes
A Formal Horse – Rose Train
Amanda Lehmann – The Watcher
Cyan – Night Flight
Meer – Beehive
Grace And Fire – Sea Of Dreams
John Holden – Circles
Lee Abraham – Only Human
Rachel Flowers – Take Me Away
This Winter Machine – Kites
Tom Slatter – Time Stands Still
Viriditas – Photograph
John Miles – Music


Broadcast 16th January 2022

Show 188

  • Heaven Knows Our Name


  • Don’t Dilute the Water


  • Black Velvet Stallion


  • Janey’s Blues

Janis Ian

  • Temples

Talitha Rise

  • Farewell Song

Janis Joplin w/Big Brother &

  • The Moon Ain’t Made of Green Cheese

Billy Cobham

  • Sea of Tranquility

Billy Cobham

  • Helix


  • Signify

Porcupine Tree

6-Pack Hack: One Word Answer

Which is the Last song title…

  • Lodi

Creedence Clearwater Revival

  • Wanna Be A Rock n Roll Star

Eddie Money

  • Juke Box Hero


  • Everybody Is A Star (Starmaker)


  • The Cover of the Rolling Stone

Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show

  • Fame

David Bowie

  • Lady Madonna


  • Anus of Uranus


  • This Is Love

Endle St. Cloud

  • Top of the Hill


  • One More Heartache


  • Play Dirty


  • Angels Fall


SIAS- Steve Miller Band-Children of the Future

Steve Miller Band

  • Baby’s Callin’ Me Home

Steve Miller Band

  • Steppin’ Stone

Steve Miller Band

  • Roll With It

Steve Miller Band

  • Junior Saw It Happen

Steve Miller Band

  • Fanny Mae

Steve Miller Band

  • Key To the Highway

Steve Miller Band

  • One Slip

Pink Floyd

  • Child of Vision


  • Hopelessly Human


  • I Need A Woman


  • My Little Red Book

Love w/Arthur Lee

  • Pushin To Hard

The Seeds

  • Incense & Peppermints

Strawberry Alarm Clock

KrazzLoft Virtual Concert

  • Don’t Fear the Reaper

Blue Oyster Cult

  • Smoke On the Water

Deep Purple

  • Hot House

The Heath Bros. & Slide Hampton

  • Tuxedo Junction

Jimmy Smith feat. George Benson

Chillin Down in the KrazzLoft

  • Trilogy; Lovin Me’, To Make A Woman Feel Wanted, Peace of Mind

Kenny Loggins w/Jim Messina

  • Try A Little Tenderness

Three Dog Night

  • Lonesome Suzi

Blood Sweat & Tears

  • From Mighty Oaks

Ray Thomas

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We’re joined in The Attic this time by progressive rock legend Billy Ritchie, and his pal Dave Dawson. We talk all things 1-2-3 and Clouds-related, and find time to listen to such seminal tunes as ‘America’, live at The Marquee in 1967; ‘Imagine Me’ live on the TV show Beat Club in 1970; and the album cuts ‘Waiter, There’s Something In My Soup and ‘Watercolour Days’.

It’s a truly fascinating delve into the heady days of British rock music in the 1960s and 1970s with a true musical genius (Not just our view, by the way, but David Bowie’s too). We had a blast recording this Pod, and hope you enjoy it.

Billy’s autobiography ‘The ABC of 1-2-3’ is available wherever books are sold.


Edition 297 of THE PROG MILL (517 in total), first broadcast 23 January 2022 on Progzilla Radio, is now also available to listen to anytime or download. Two hours of superb melodic and symphonic progressive rock from around the world.

This week’s show includes the world radio premiere of ‘Victorious’ – the first single to be released from the forthcoming new Kaprekar’s Constant album, plus this week’s album review from The Progressive Aspect and a chance (if listening in time) to win a pair of full weekend tickets to Fusion 3.5 in Stourport on Severn.

This Week’s Playlist

1 Steve Gresswell – Outcast (Outcast)
2 My Arrival – Starfall (Lost 3mbers)
3 Timelock – Heart of Mine (Sygn Yn)
4 Electro Compulsive Therapy – Colors Fade Away (Electro Compulsive Therapy)
5 Kaprekar’s Constant – Victorious (The Murder Wall)
6 Ageness – The Lie and the Liar (Songs from the Liars Lair)
7 This Winter Machine – Pleasure and Purpose (Kites)
8 Amarok – It’s Not The End (Hero)
9 Tony Patterson & Doug Melbourne – Burn the Skies (Dark Before Dawn)
10 Izakman – Cyberlove (Cyberlove)
11 The Gong Farmers – Pip Squeak and Wilfred Part 1 (Guano Junction)
12 Mythopoeic Minds – Winter of ’73 (Hatchling)
13 Renaissance – Kindness (At The End) (A Song for All Seasons)
14 Budgie – Parents (Never Turn Your Back on a Friend)

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Repeated Wednesdays 5am – 7am UK (0500 UTC) – for The Americas/Far East/Australasia (Tuesdays 9pm Pacific US/Midnight Eastern US) and Saturdays 6pm – 8pm UK (1800 UTC/1900 Europe, 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern).

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The Progressive Rock show track listing for Sunday 23rd January 2022

Artist Title Year Time
Joni Mitchell Song For Sharon 1976 8:34
Frost* Nice Day For It 2016 6:37
Jethro Tull Black Satin Dancer 1975 6:50
Marillion Incommunicado 1987 5:16
Genesis Down and Out 1978 5:26
Echolyn Mei 2002 49:30
The Franky Valentyn Project Mars Looks Good This Time Of Year 2020 6:25
Hawkwind Master Of The Universe (live) 1973 7:37
The Clientele Harvest Time 2009 3:47
Phil Collins You Know What I Mean 1981 2:33
Paul McCartney You Tell Me 2007 3:15

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Proving that prog isn’t just for dinosaurs!

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for edition 414 of Live From Progzilla Towers is now available.

In this edition we heard the following music:

  • Apparat Organ Quartet – Cargo Frakt
  • Bjorn Riis – Everything to Everyone
  • Cranium Pie – Rememberrr
  • Epilogue – In The City
  • Drott – Katabasis
  • Mew – Apocalypso/Special/The Zookeeper’s Boy
  • Everon – Flesh
  • The Samurai Of Prog – The Three Snake Leaves
  • Proportions – After All These Years
  • Kalle Wallner – Three
  • Mal Hijo – Superstar Crematorium
  • Heart Healer – Who Can Stand All Alone
  • The Moondig – Orbit
  • Morgan – Nova Solis
  • Steven Wilson – Pariah (Ft. Ninet Tayeb)
  • Rachel Flowers – Treacherous Cretins
  • Teleharmonium – The Influencing Machine I, II, III
  • Karibow – Plutonian

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This week’s Prog-Watch is another edition of our Explorations series, this one looking at Neo-Progressive Rock, or Neo-Prog, for short! In this program we’ll explore the Neo-Prog sub-genre through great music from Marillion, IQ, Galahad, Pendragon, Arena, Magenta, Comedy of Errors, Collage, Sylvan, and the Barock Project!

903: Explorations, Vol. 2 – Neo-Prog




IQ – The Darkest Hour

Paul Menel – She’s Up On The Chair Again

Big Big Train – Made From Sunshine

Sean Filkins – The English Eccentric

It Bites – This Is England

Francis Dunnery – Wounding and Healing

Pallas – Fragments of the Sun

Alan Reed – Used To Be Someone

Marillion – Beautiful

Fish – Walking On Eggshells

Genesis – Eleventh Earl Of Mar

Peter Gabriel – Steam

Yes – Tempus Fugit

Jon Anderson – New New World

King Crimson – The ConstruKction Of Light

John Wetton – Battle Lines